Yobidasareta Satsuriku-sha (Summoned Slaughterer) Chapter 113 – Many Thanks Shasu-sama!

Many thanks to Shasu-sama!

Yobidasareta Satsuriku-sha (Summoned Slaughterer) Chapter 113 – Heart Of Mine

Got a bit earlier off work, so here you go with an early release…

Translated by Shasu

Yobidasareta Satsuriku-sha (Summoned Slaughterer) Light Novel Volume 7 Cover - Amlnvn
High Quality Cover of the 7th Volume of the Light Novel, which has been released on the 22nd of June.

Many Thanks Shasu-sama!

HoHou. What a novel sensation, to see Hifumi struggling somehow, that is. Though, I find hilarious the fact that the first one to make him savour such thrilling feelings are… rocks falling and him choosing to not use dark magic. Hahah, I suppose you need to self nerf yourself to actually enjoy it, huh.


Touno Hifumi was summoned to another world to be a Hero for a kingdom. Unknown to the summoners, he’s a kill-happy person who had restrained his killer instincts with martial arts. Upon arrival he slaughtered various knights and the mastermind of the event, the King. Unwilling to oppose this strong killer, the Princess let him go free. Thus started the fun life of traveling the world, and unrestrainedly killing any who attempt to kill him. But first, lets purchase a pair of female slaves.

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Web Novel Translation, thus there may be some differences with the official Light Novel version. But screw it.

Just doing what a lowly leecher otaku who doesn’t understand japanese can do: sharing the great works of Gods (Translators-sama). To give them the limelight they deserve.

Author: Izanaginookami

Your average and pessimistic otaku who was saved by Anime first, then Manga, to only be saved once again by Light Novels and Visual Novels. Thus tries to spread their worlds, without much success though: there are mostly rants about Reality getting in the way to access the AMLNVN World. Oh well. Screw it. I'm most of the time dead tired, not to mention I've discovered I'm more of a "watcher" than a "creator". Thus do not expect too much activity. I do try my best to be of help to the Otaku community though, but as a lowly leecher who doesn't know the Superior (Japanese) language (nor Chinese nor Korean), I can only share things Translators-sama's godly works.

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