Your Everyday Pessimistic Otaku’s Tales (name subject to change) – 10th June, 2017

Now, Welcome to another session of… name subject to change (probably).

Youkoso. The end is near.

I’m thinking of putting the date or something in the post title… but leaving that as is it’s not bad either, since the post link has already the date in it. Nah, I’ll add it to avoid future issues.

It’s 9th June, 21:59. Save says the poor otaku trying to imitate Sagrada Reset heroine because his chuunibyous is active.

It’s 10th June, 18:28. May Anime Save me, says the Otaku shaking from nervousness as he has to take his last exam.

Hello there. Let me firstly tell you that, I should go to sleep in 20 minutes or I won’t be able to be in perfect form for my LAST exam. This one is particularly strong and OP, as it lasts for 4 freaking hours ANDDDD it’s divided into two parts, so I actually have to finish it the day after tomorrow.

I’m so nervous I need to shitpost write something, anything, so don’t expect much quality from this one… AAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHAHA. That was a good one. Quality? HAHAHAHAHA! Ok, jokes aside. This is the last boss, in two days, I’ll unleash my full potential

You can bet I’ll start devouring tale after tale as if my life were to depend on it and the world was ending the day after, or maybe just go into hibernation, it depends on what my mental state will be. The former is most probably though.

and finally start to do lots of thing I wanted to such as:

  • search for a new theme;
  • revolutionize my awful tags and categories;
  • try to come up with a good nam-

WHO CARES. I seriously have no time. Let’s skip the updates I plan to do that will probably still not happen that soon, and let’s talk about AMLNVN, my dear saviour.

Now, as you can see from the deleted lines, I started this post yesterday, but pffffffff, my past self thought he would have been able to finish it in merely 20 MINUTES? He was mad, and so I am. You see, as my past already explained (but I crossed it out, so in case you can’t read text with a line over it…), I’ve got MY FINAL exam tomorrow. To be more precise, its first part took place today, and it lasted over 4 hours. Now, I actually don’t care about it anymore, as the suffering passed, I’m now far more worried about tomorrow one’s, as it’s totally ORAL. And my communication skills are the ones of a Otaku who speak to himself while striking Jojo poses… so, yeah. I’m extremely nervous, so nervous that I tried to calm down by drinking 3 cups of coffee, what a genius right?

That just shows my state of mind. Thanks Military Uniform Goddess that I get to listen to Re:Creators’ glorious OP though. I’ve been literally listening it no stop for the last few days.

The situation is severe and I’m actually so worried about it I’m writing this instead of reviewing. Logical, no?


Ok. Before going over my Gods and Saviours A-M-LN-VN, let me tell you a boring thing about today’s exam. There was a part in which I had to make up a story that had to start with “Ben and his dad are in the middle of a lake” or something and I had to include a “light” and an “island” in it. Well, I had loads of fun writing about Ben’s dad being an illusion, he getting on a phantom island in which Excalibur suddenly shined the surroundings showing people clawing their throats because Higurashi. I hope the examiner doesn’t take it too seriously…. if I had more time and words (40 minutes and only 190 words damn it), I would have added some cool lines from Fate/Stay Night and probably Ben meeting with his future self. I’m actually laughing at it while getting quite worried. To be fair, the test was about my writing skills and not the story, so I should be safe.

But even if that wasn’t the case, screw it. It’s the end of the (school) year and I’m tired. Not to mention I’m pretty sure I’ve/I’ll pass it anyways, my only worry is to not have a too high score. But again. Screw it.

Wait, if we talk about screws than this is more appropriate.

But let’s pass onto AMLNVN, because I feel already better and less nervous.

Regarding Anime…. just know that my hype is reaching absurd levels, as week-end is nearing and this mean KADO (which is already out but I haven’t watched yet)! Quan Zhi Gao Shou (which should be out by tomorrow)! FATE/CREATORSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! That was yesterday’s text, now every one of them is out and I will probably wait until the end of the exam to watch them. Nevertheless, I’m stil extremely hyped… especially for

FATE/CREATORSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, my Goddess, please halp. I’ve linked to this beautiful picture the source by the way.

…thinking about it again… Screw it. I think I’ll at least watch one of the three before it, as I need it.

But as I haven’t watched them yet, there isn’t too much to talk about the A. Oh, but wait, something mildly interesting happened: a rich millionaire Otaku is trying to get a Re:Zero Rem IF Anime adaptation, this news is making me feel really good. Mankind isn’t a lost cause yet. There still exist men of virtue out of there, not to mention I love these short, sadly hypothetical stories, so thank you!

Regarding Manga… I’ve really read many good chapters these last days. It was a blast reading some of my favourites. But the highlights were definitely Tomodachi Game and Fukushuu Kyoushitsu. Both Manga are really dark and with twisted MCs, so you may dislike them if you’re not used to that genre, but I’m twisted myself and I love them.

Tomodachi Game is is your typical story about death game with trust and lies involved. As the title says, the game starts with your friends. Huehuehue…

The MC is glorious, lowlife? Scumbag? Who cares, I love him. I love twisted characters like him. Especially because he use his wits and intelligence. Yeah, it’s a psychological (mostly, or at least as for now) focused Manga (I think).

Man, I would love to see his past self. These last few days, 3 chapters were released, so I’m quite overjoyed about it.
Fukushuu Kyoushitsu is a wicked tale of revenge. The MC is another wicked one: her aim is to xx the whole class. Truly great for my rotten soul.

Quite interesting how I get so much enjoyment by reading them for their tragedy element, yet I felt so much pain and sorrow while reading Mahouiku (The LN I make a weekly post about which is pretty much just to pretend the blog is active, I suggest joining with the subreddit ride if you want to begin it though). The author truly knows how to play with your feelings, it makes you love and hate the characters, making you suffer and feel conflicted when that happens.

Other good chapters were from Grand Blue, a great Manga about… diving.

Yes, diving. This is from chapter 1 by the way.
Latest chapter. The question was “Do you like boobs?” by the way.

As you can see (from the MAL link), it’s already in the top 10 (as of this post’s date) with merely 36 chapters. Freaking amazing in my opinion. Give it a try. If it can be of help, the author is the same of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. By the way, this week chapter reminded me very much of the glorious Prison School/Kangoku Gakuen‘s scene Ass VS. Boobs.

Here you go. Saved the time to search for that particular scene, right? How kind of me.

Always within the huge M of this issue (what is this a magazine now?!), an honorable mention gets the  Manga: Talentelss Nana or Munou na Nana, which has just begun being translated.

I like his expression at the right-below corner of the page. It reminds me of Kumagawa from Medaka Box in a particular situation.

There is only one chapter as of now, but it looks very promising (according to my criteria) for two reason: although the story setting is very similar to Boku no Hero Academia, the… atmosphere (can’t find better words, so bear with my poor vocabulary) huehuehue, just continue reading until the end of first chapter… and you will understand, secondly the author: it’s the same of what I regard as a quasi-masterpiece of VN: G-Sensou no Maou. Truly great, it’s the only one I think routes actually lower his rating (in my opinion).

That’s it for the Manga. Oh, before passing to LN, let me post a panel from Keijo!!!! That I had because of a reply to TPAB~ (with whom I’m exchanging a rather intense mail-like… bi-directional communication I think(?), is there a name for that? Well, meaning aside, my comments with him are as long as normal posts, and I freaking enjoy it).

So, yeah. If you haven’t been reading Keijo!!!! Then you’re missing some glorious things.

Now, then. Regarding LN… I actually am thinking of stopping making single posts for each update, as it feels somehow wrong to me. Not sure why, but I feel like it’s just wrong. Just a feeling though. So, I’ll simply link the Translator’s Godly work here for now! Until I get the origin of this unpleasant feeling. Thus, the latest releases of my followed Web/Light Novels (as if anyone cares):



 Yobidasareta Satsuriku-sha (Summoned Slaughterer) – Chapter 107: Not Afraid – Many thanks to Shasu-sama for my dose of Hifumi/Lovely Psychopath-who-is-searching-for-a-way-to-bring-greater-wars-to-another-world-and-likes-to-kill-by-the-way!
Cover of volume 6. Yay, I can read number in Kanji!


Touno Hifumi was summoned to another world to be a Hero for a kingdom. Unknown to the summoners, he’s a kill-happy person who had restrained his killer instincts with martial arts. Upon arrival he slaughtered various knights and the mastermind of the event, the King. Unwilling to oppose this strong killer, the Princess let him go free. Thus started the fun life of traveling the world, and unrestrainedly killing any who attempt to kill him. But first, lets purchase a pair of female slaves.

More Links:

Web Novel Translation, thus there may be some differences with the official Light Novel version. But screw it.

Vermillion – L’étranger À L’arc Rouge Chapter 15-1 – Thanks to Cyneris and Kuropiosu (NanoDesu) for the update! And sincerely, I believe they should, no… it’s in their full rights to take it easy and adjust the frequency to their RL (who am I to say that, hahahah…), as we leechers should just be grateful to get to read it already.
Cover of Light Novel 1st Volume (I think, can’t find the number of the volume anywhere with my blind eyes).


The Western VRMMO 『Demondal』was known for its extraordinarily harsh game system. To start, there were no levels. There were no skills. There were no guilds. There was no inventory. There were no convenient messaging or map functions of any kind. It was so unnecessarily realistic that it was basically a VR life simulator. The only game-like elements were proficiencies gained from wielding weapons and enhancing one’s physical strength. Since it was a fantasy game, magic did exist, although making a contract with a spirit was exceedingly difficult; only one percent of the player population were magicians. One day, the protagonist Kei, known for his mastery of horseback archery in the realistically medieval virtual world of 『Demondal』, and his Russian friend were transported to a parallel world. The originally severe game had just become more severe.

More Information:

This is a Web Novel Translation, it may thus differ from the official Light Novel.

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 27, Thanks Yoshi-sama for bringing me my delicious revenge and despair weekly dose! (Fuu, this week was truly great in regard to my hunger for twisted and wicked stories)

Cover of volume 1, can you see that wicked and lovable expression on MC?

Ukei Kaito, the protagonist who desperately saved the world after being summoned in another world as a hero to defeat the Demon Lord.

Though he did defeat the demon lord and saved the world, but he was betrayed by the people he trusted as friends and is stabbed to death by a sword.

At that time, he swore.

If there is a next time, he would no longer cling to the word called ‘believe’.

If there is a next time, he would pay them back as cruelly as possible.

If there is a next time, he wouldn’t make another mistake.

「I… All of you… I will absolutely kill you all……」

After leaving his last words, he died.

And then a voice resounded.

………【 System Message: Tutorial Mode has ended. 】

My face when I finished reading the synopsis for the first time.

More Links:

This is a Web Novel Translation, thus it can differ from the official Light Novel. By the way. I truly hate the fact that My Anime List won’t add all the Web Novels, as it is quite the pain to keep track of everything I read and watch in different places.

Konjiki no Word Master Chapter 272: As Expected of Hiiro – Many Thanks Anri-sama! And we will get another one tomorrow? Great news, more Hiiro is always good! (Don’t overwork)

Here’s the due last week. Chapter 272. Hooray for Liliyn fans. (Yare yare)

Chapter 273 would be posted probably tomorrow. I need my beauty sleep.

That said, enjoy the chapter! Also just to repeat the previous post, here’s the complete list of all chapters of Konjiki no Moji Tsukai!


There has been much conflict between the races of the ‘Humas’, the ‘Gabranth’, and the ‘Evila’. To combat the ‘Evila’ race’s Demon King, the kingdom summons five high school students from 21st century Japan who have the power of Heroes.

However, only four out of five of those students had the status title of ‘Hero’.

Okamura Hiiro was summoned by accident since he sat near the other four students in class. Unlike them, he did not have the title of a ‘Hero’ but instead he had the title of ‘Word Master’ and ‘Innocent Bystander’. Seeing through the ‘Humas’ kingdom’s deceit and insanity, Hiiro decides that he has no wish to partake in their selfish war.

Leaving the castle, Hiiro decides to join the Adventurer’s Guild and does whatever he feels like. Who knows? Maybe there is some merit to being a ‘Word Master’ and an ‘Innocent Bystander’.


Web Novel Translation, thus it may differ from the official Light Novel (from what I’ve seen by reading the manga, it is definitely different though).



I’ve probably forgotten some of the ones I’ve already read though, and I’m sorry for that. I really wish to do more than simply sharing their great works, but it’s sadly the only thing a lowly leecher otaku who doesn’t understand japanese can do….damn it. I think there is something wrong with my upbringing: is it normal to have this almost crazy drive to help? From what my favourite wicked stories tell, it’s abnormal.

…nonetheless. None of these were the best of this week for LN. I… am really biased towards non-Japanese works, but this… This truly is too great. I’m talking about I Shall Seal The Heavens (ISSH, quite chuunibyou-ish for a title, don’t you think so?) or Wo Yu Feng Tian, as you can see, it’s a Chinese Novel. I really dislike them mostly because they are very, too long. I don’t mean that being long is bad, it’s that their PROLOGUE is freaking long. Just to say, ISSH began to get good for me around the 300s chapters… Hell, if that was a long ride. But I assure it was worth it. I’m at almost the 700th right now, and I can’t think of giving it less than 10…. if it was actually on MAL…

After  a break of few weeks, in which I didn’t read a single chapter of it, I suddenly started it again because I felt like, and I FREAKING READ OVER 70 CHAPTER IN TWO DAYS, and I had today’s exam. HOLY. That’s a lot if you didn’t get it. Sure, the chapters are slightly shorter than the average LN ones, but not really by that much (to tell the truth, I think they are even longer than some, like Kumo Desu ga’s for example).

Well, you’re probably unknowledgeable about it, so I won’t talk too much about it, but hell if it was Godly today. Screw the exam, during the time I returned home (oh, yeah, the place of the exam was actually around one hour from my home, with this heat… I cursed the Heavens) I cried.

As if I were that cool. One picture isn’t enough.
Yes, that’s more like it. I was unsightly. But weirdly enough, no one really cared. I was relieved though…. but hey, isn’t it bad though? Where society is directed I mean. Well, I too would stay away from a dude crying in the subway….

This may sounds weird, but I friggin’ crying in public for the second time in my Otaku life. The last 10 chapters of ISSH I read, were just so… so moving. I can’t really describe it, but.. oh screw it! I’ll report here the words even if you don’t and won’t understand them:

“You live, I live. You die, I die!
If you grow old, then I’ll grow old with you….”

“Xu Qing, if you can sacrifice your life for me, then I can do the same
for you! From this day forward, you are my beloved. Heaven and Earth can
bear witness to my words. You live, I live. You die, I die!”


I’m not sure what effect they do to you, but I get teary just reading them. ISSH isn’t really about romance (for now), but this… This surpassed many, many other romance oriented tales I’ve read. It’s at the level of Clannad in my humble opinion. Oh, boy. The feels are hitting my tear glands again…

Damn it… I’m serious here. No matter what I say, I’m sure 200% I wouldn’t be able to do justice to the story. This is at the levels of Higurashi’s characters already, I mean in terms of affection and fondness. I’m probably more attached to them than my own brothers.

This isn’t the first time ISSH was able to move me to tears: I don’t remember the chapters number, but I also felt so… sorrowful about a father and child bond. This is truly extraordinary, as the series isn’t really about that in my opinion.

I think… this effect is mostly due to the fact that I’ve spent really, really a long time with ISSH’s characters though… Yeah. That’s it for LNs. I truly regret not being able to better transmit how good it is. Oh, and funny thing, I was actually forced to begin it by a classmate, I really disliked it at the beginning, but damn if I’m grateful to him now.

….give me a sec please, I need time to let these feels pass…


Regarding VN. I’m in Haruka’s route and finally met (to TPAB’s joy) the twin.

Or rather, it’s better to say that I discovered who the twin is. As head-prefect was already introduced long ago. Though, I had my suspicious… as she’s pretty much the only character with a sprite that isn’t in the main cast. (Volleyball player and Rin’s rival? Sasasawawa-something? who?)

To tell the truth, I’m not really on Haruka’s side on this one. As I’ve said, I truly dislike causing trouble to others, on the other hand… I quite like Futaki’s tight discipline and morals. I think something is wrong here, as the heroine isn’t her though.

Though… she is a little too much taunting in some situations.

Sometimes I think she goes too overboard though. Well, I still can accept it, as she IS the head prefect after all. And… not to mention… this.

Yeah… you definitely don’t have my simpathy. Riki loves you though, so I can’t really dislike you at 100%.

I’m nearing the end I think. Of her route that is. Hm, this is quite a slow pace I believe. I need to spend more time in VN, or I won’t be able to finish Umineko by this summer like I planned to otherwise. Hm? I’ve talked quite little about Little Busters? Well… as I’ve said, this particular route isn’t really… great to me. Oh, but don’t misunderstand, I do enjoy it. It’s just a discrepancy between MC and me, that’s all.

Okay. With this, I hereby end this session of “Name subject to change”. No seriously, I need to think of a decent name from tomorrow onwards (I’ll probably just watch and read things like a madman though, so don’t count too much on it). HmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMM?!!!!!!

Oh, for Biribiri’s sake.

I’m so dead right now.

Yeah, i can hear the steps… someone is ringing the doorbell, who could possibly be…? hahahaa…
My, what a pleasant surprise. Good evening Rena, oh, don’t worry about the chain. It’s stuck there and I’m unable to let you ente- ?! Who turned the lights off!?!

Wait. What is this?!!

The lights don’t wor-




Time: 10th June, 22:24…

I'll wake up with cramps... Sets
Due 36
Done 0

Words found on a noteI… seriously need to make this a weekly thing…and I… wanted to reply to comments too!!- Unfortunately, the latter part of the note is unreadable because of a red stain.

Author: Izanaginookami

Your average and pessimistic otaku who was saved by Anime first, then Manga, to only be saved once again by Light Novels and Visual Novels. Thus tries to spread their worlds, without much success though: there are mostly rants about Reality getting in the way to access the AMLNVN World. Oh well. Screw it. I'm most of the time dead tired, not to mention I've discovered I'm more of a "watcher" than a "creator". Thus do not expect too much activity. I do try my best to be of help to the Otaku community though, but as a lowly leecher who doesn't know the Superior (Japanese) language (nor Chinese nor Korean), I can only share things Translators-sama's godly works.

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